Sheela Prakash gives advice on making vegetarian chili – additional ways to make what already is ok taste good for reals. Chipotle, beer, soy sauce. Prakash says these are things you can do to the vegetarian chili that make it taste good. Cocoa powder is another example, but I wouldn’t use it on the food I’m making for mother! Vinegar is another example, and molasses is also sounding like a good thing but maybe we can end with mushrooms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Add nutritional yeast to the chili to give it a cheesy flavor.
  • Add tomato paste after your veggies cook to give it a richer flavor. It is concentrated so it works better than just regular tomatoes
  • Adding vinegar to the chili right before you serve it will give the chili a brighter flavor.

“Swap out some of the broth or water for a can of beer”

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