Alcohol at the holidays is sometimes wanted and sometimes needed. Having a few on hand can help delight your family and guests alike, as well as give you a few options to have at hand when even you need a drink or two at the end of the night. The recipes run the gamut from traditional eggnog to a hot spiced Mexican punch known as ponche navideno, a great combo of apple, cinnamon and other flavors to make a delicious and different seasonal punch.

Key Takeaways:

  • During New years eve there are many drinks you can make yourself
  • Having different drinks at your party is a great way to make the party fun
  • You can use a slow cooker to cook key ingredients for your drinks

“Whether you’re looking for something warm and fruity, cold and creamy, or boozy and bold, there’s a big-batch eggnog, slow cooker drink, punch, or pitcher drink just waiting to be served at your next holiday or New Year’s gathering.”

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