The author has a unique perspective on the eating ritual. This article is intended for people of similar demographic and living situations as the author. The author displays photos of meal ideas that would not require utensils to eat, therefore, would not require eating at a table. Each photo can be clicked to see the detailed recipe. Her main message is that she would rather spend her dinner time on the couch, most likely watching television, than sitting at a table.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are simple recipes that can be made in your kitchen, that turn your favorite dishes, into delightful finger foods.
  • Eating on a couch, with utensils and a plate in your lap proves to be a difficult task.
  • Buy a dining room table, it is more important than a couch after college, eat like a real person.

“Meals sans utensils mean we can focus on what’s important: eating.”

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