Beans lend themselves to soups very easily. They add a nice texture, excellent, carb-efficient calories and even help thicken the soup. This recipe takes it a bit further and likes to cook the beans in a bit of garlicky oil before throwing it into the broth, helping to infuse a bit more flavor to the broths and even give the soup that extra punch when you bite into each of those delicious beans disbursed throughout the soup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canned beans are a convenient way to make dinner, especially on a Holiday.
  • Boost the flavor of your beans by adding a flavorful olive oil and then a broth (vegetable, chicken).
  • In minutes you’ve taken something simple and turned it into a delicious side or meal.

“In just a few minutes, you’ve changed the simplest pot of vegetables and legumes into an extremely comforting, outright addictive meal that’s nutritious enough to bring you down from that sugar (cookie) high.”

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