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Key Questions Before Hiring a Clearwater, FL Caterer

When you are planning an event, there are things you can probably mess up and still have a successful party. No matter how badly your wedding or corporate event is going, having good food will almost always salvage the whole thing. Before doing anything else, choosing a caterer should be at the top of your to-do-list. After paying for the vendor, whatever’s left of your budget can be adjusted accordingly. But you can’t sell your caterers in Clearwater, FL short. No human being on the planet will enjoy a party on a hungry stomach. That’s just not going to happen. How can the other guests enjoy their food from the caterers knowing full well that others are not getting any? You have to be careful when choosing a caterer because it can be a disaster when you choose the wrong caterers. Enter Catering Authority is a platform that links up the customers with the right caterers. We list the best catering services for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and all special occasions. We offer tips on how to choose the perfect caterer for your specific needs. You can just find somebody that matches your requirements for your corporate function, wedding or birthday party.  
  1. Mind the guest list for your event in Clearwater, FL
Make sure to ask the catering company how much it can handle for your event. Of course, it makes sense not to hire these small-time caterers when you expect more than a hundred people. You need to create a budget that is enough to impress but not leave you bankrupt. The guest list during the event can quickly blow up and stretch the capacity of the caterers to sufficiently feed the guests.  
  1. Constant communication is key to a successful event in Clearwater, FL
It’s easy to make the mistake of just leaving the company to do its job for your corporate event. After all, you are dealing with a professional, right?  Wrong. The quickest way to create miscommunication is when so many people are talking all at once. The caterer can boast of being the best but the only way to know for sure is to sample their food. Most caterers do have this one in their portfolio. It’s also easier for the caterer to be dealing only with one lead person. All concerns should be addressed with constant communication between the organizer and the catering company.  
  1. Organization in food and beverage can go a long way in a Clearwater, FL event
Coming up with a menu that makes everyone happy is the job of the caterings. Your job, therefore, is to ensure that you get all bases covered. You may think of the catering service provider as somebody who will only bring in food. But there are caterers that handle a whole range of services as well. Some religion ban meat in their diet, so the caterers make allowances for that also. A full-service package from caterers may save you more money in the end because you don’t have to worry about the decorations and table settings.  
  1. The Clearwater, FL event location is crucial for caterers
The location can also pose a challenge for the caterer. However, the good news is that there’s nothing out there that experienced caterers have not seen or handled yet. For instance, what if there’s no clear power outlet? Or what if it’s too far off the beaten track that it makes it difficult for the caterers to bring the food to the event? A garden or beach party will pose a different challenge for caterers especially if there’s no water or energy source. You can’t change your mind in the middle of the arrangements because it could have severe repercussions on the success of the event.  
  1. Do you want your Clearwater, FL event to be extra special?
Whatever you imagine your wedding to be in your head won’t be the same in reality. Something will always go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law after all. Do you want elaborate plating or decorations for the food? Be prepared also to spend at least 30% more than the initial price estimate so you have a comfortable buffer. You will immediately see this experience when the service provider is grace under pressure personified. That experience, however, will come at a cost. But don’t you think that perfection is worth paying extra for?  

Choosing your caterer in Clearwater, FL the most efficient way

There are many elements in choosing the right caterer. A wrong choice can have serious repercussions in your event. Choosing a caterer should be based on experience, professionalism, and creativity. The best thing about Catering Authority is that it already short-listed the companies in the Clearwater, FL area, separating the wheat from the chaff. With us, you are assured that those service providers that find themselves in the website have both the capacity and equipment so they won’t leave you hanging. The online directory website has already done the initial screening to make sure that those who make the final list of names in Clearwater, FL have the track record, qualified personnel, and facilities necessary to handle large contracts. There’s a local search engine on the website so you can narrow down your search. You can categorize your search, for instance, according to your budget. Or you may need a service provider who can handle 10,000 guests. Find the right caterers near Clearwater, FL for your needs. Just visit today.

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