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The Palm Beach Gardens, FL Caterer: The Most Crucial Element to Any Event

The search engine has permeated in all aspects of our lives that it’s almost second nature to “Google” the information to the question you want the answer to. No matter how grand the event is, if you hired the wrong company, it’s guaranteed that your party is ruined. If you overshot your budget, you can take out from the column under “wants” first before moving on to the column under “need.” If you are lucky, you can probably take out two or three items before you agree with the caterer on the price. Before doing anything else, choosing a caterer should be at the top of your to-do-list. After paying for the vendor, whatever’s left of your budget can be adjusted accordingly. But you can’t sell your caterers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL short. Also below is a handy guide on some essential factors to consider before hiring your service provider. Catering Authority, which is an online directory that compiles a list of caterers in multiple cities in the U.S., is giving some tips to make sure you choose the right caterers so you not only get delicious food, but also get the most value for your money.  
  1. How many participants and guests are you expecting in your Palm Beach Gardens, FL event
The guest list is the main building platform for the catering company. There may come a time when you need a contractor right away, especially if it’s an emergency. The caterer will always adjust to the budget of the customer whether you are planning a small birthday dinner or a large wedding party. Also, each vendor has different capabilities. A boutique caterer specializes in intimate events or around 30-50 people. Of course, you don’t hire them if the birthday or wedding event expects more than 100 participants and guests.  
  1. Who is talking to the caterer in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?
This is another common mistake committed by corporate organizers, especially if they are not hiring an event planner. The quickest way to create miscommunication is when so many people are talking all at once. The point person will communicate what they want the vendor to deliver, and make sure they don’t sway from the overall theme.  If three or more companies are shouldering the costs, the complexity of the negotiations would make the head of the caterer spin. If there are so many hands dipped into the corporate event pie, this only serves to confuse the catering team more.  
  1. Ask input from your guests in Palm Beach Gardens, FL on their preferred beverage or food
Although the menu package that you choose from the contractor is constant, the caterers need to know what to serve if there are special diets being followed by your guests. There are those who don’t partake of alcohol and only drink juice. An organization that will hardly get back to you if you call or email is not the right service provider for you. Also find out if there is a full-service package, which also includes the decoration, linens, flowers, chairs, and tables as well as the centerpiece for each table. A good number of your guests may only drink beer or prefer only wine. They may only drink soda.  
  1. Where in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is your event going to be held?
Another crucial ingredient for a perfect event is the location. The important thing is to communicate your vision to caterers during the initial interview so there would be no surprises later on. There are times when the location will prove to be logistically challenging for the caterers. You want your drinks cold so they need access to freezers. You can’t change your mind in the middle of the arrangements because it could have severe repercussions on the success of the event.  
  1. Can’t serve two masters at the same time in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Ideally, the catering service company will only handle your event on that scheduled day to make it truly unique. You can order exotic cuisines or wines from abroad which can be the highlight of your food stations. Once you have a list of the caterers you like, you can then choose from your own short list, and ask each of the companies to make a bid. The best price wins. As an added bonus, you make it easier for everybody. Think of the process as similar to interviewing somebody for a job. You do require some referrals, don’t you? And you call the names in the job application to get a feel of how the applicant works.  

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There are a lot of elements and details that go into an event. The caterer is perhaps the most important ingredient to a successful party. Simply put, a wrong decision on your part can destroy the whole event. Choosing a caterer should be based on experience, professionalism, and creativity. All the names that made it to the short list have already been screened and vetted by the site. Browse through the list of caterers near Palm Beach Gardens, FL You know they are there for a reason so you don’t worry about whether they can deliver on your special day.

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