More Americans are exploring the takeout option as part of their dining. That is popular and may prove to be their ticket to happiness in the long run. Working adults seemed to prefer takeout as the right option for them. It is fast and friendly, keeping them fed throughout the evening too. The study also wanted to know more about how much Americans spend on food. The results may surprise readers who look at the data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Working professionals have taken a liking to trying takeout. Now people are wondering whether takeout offers the ticket to happiness itself.
  • Restaurants cater to the needs of patrons who want takeout. That is a new trend that is becoming very popular among people.
  • Choose takeout during a busy work week at home for professionals. That opens up new cuisine that has to be tried.

“What the researchers found was that doling out money for delivery and takeout services fostered feelings of satisfaction more often than not because allocating money to these services freed up people’s schedules.”

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