The Lemony Argula Salad is an excellent dish. Especially when you add cucumbers, cheese, and couscous. It is a very easy and quick meal to make. The main thing you need is some couscous, but you could have another grain instead. Next, you need to put in cucumbers, feta, and other green vegetables. Also, just add a pinch of olive oil, lemon, and some honey. But make sure before you do all of this, the couscous is warm.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very important to add the dressing to the couscous (or substitute grain) while it’s still warm so that it absorbs all the flavor it can.
  • This is one quick and easy recipe that even though it’s quick it’s still absolutely delicious.
  • The couscous (or substitute grain) gives this salad enough substance to be a meal all by its self, even though it can still be used as a side.

“It’s funny how certain recipes sneak their way into your weekly rotation. This arugula and couscous salad have done just that.”

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