Some people are bored with cooking their vegetables the same old way, so here is a recipe that really highlights simply roasting vegetables with parsnips and olive oil to transform them into a delicious dish. This dish uses carrots, maple, thyme, and parsnips cooked on a high heat for about 45 minutes. This dish is vegan and grain free so it will work great with anyone on a specific diet. You can use other vegetables in place of the carrots in the recipe and it will still turn out delectable.

Key Takeaways:

  • A simple play on roasted root veggies, spruced up to make sure it is vegan and good for any palate.
  • All the veggies should be mixed with the spices, olive oil, and maple syrup concoction before placing in the oven.
  • Even though it is made with maple syrup and root vegetables, it contains a fairly small amount of sugar, 4 grams per serving.

“A savory and sweet dish that is perfect to pass around the table this holiday season.”

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