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Key Questions Before Hiring a Maryland Caterer

You can forget a bouquet or two of flowers. If the caterer is any good, your problem is already half-solved. Guests should go home not just satiated but also satisfied. You need to be careful about which catering services you choose. Considering there are many caterers in Maryland a wrong choice can easily ruin your whole event just like that.

The tricky part is finding the right supplier for your needs. Instead of Google, you can refer to Catering Authority, which is an online directory for caterers.

Also below is a handy guide on some essential factors to consider before hiring your service provider. Catering Authority, which is an online directory that compiles a list of caterers in multiple cities in the U.S., is giving some tips to make sure you choose the right caterers so you not only get delicious food, but also get the most value for your money.


  1. Set a budget according to your guests in Maryland, but be prepared to break

Make sure to ask the catering company how much it can handle for your event. You need to also consider asking about the number of cutleries and plate sets, which may not be enough to handle the number of guests on your lists. You make arrangements for your birthday gathering or wedding event early so make sure you don’t also plan for the present. You need to be clear about the total number of people attending the event.


  1. Who talks to the catering service contractor in Maryland?

So whether you are planning a corporate event or a simple family party, make sure the contractor will appoint one point person with the authority to make last-minute decisions. Having a point person is advantageous in some ways because you are only dealing with one person so it’s easier to assign blame if something goes wrong. Assigning a point person just makes sense because the supplier is not expected to talk to just about anybody from the company or family. When you select an event planner, make sure they also handle the sampling of food.

The corporate organizer needs to appoint somebody who will communicate directly with the service provider.


  1. Organization in food and beverage can go a long way in a Maryland event

The catering team should be cognizant that their responsibility extends far beyond just bringing the right food and beverage when the time of the event arrives. Also find out if there is a full-service package, which also includes the decoration, linens, flowers, chairs, and tables as well as the centerpiece for each table. You can help make the job of the caterers easier by putting in the invites a list of preferred beverages that guests need to check for each RSVP. The ability of the caterers to follow instructions will go a long way to ensure a successful outcome. You need to ask your guests and participants to specify their preference in the RSVP card so the caterer doesn’t have to guess.


  1. Where in Maryland is the venue?

No matter where the location of the venue is, the caterer should be fully apprised of the arrangement. There may be special requests for the caterers from the bride. There are many logistical nightmares that the caterers need to sort out on the day of the event, especially when it is in a unique location. If the bride, for instance, wants to order something from overseas—a particular food for instance—can the caterers make this happen for the location you chose? Yes, but it can impact on the final price. The caterer should have all the needed information early in order to make the necessary arrangements. In most cases, the service provider already has contacts with well-known hotels in Maryland so they already know what to expect.


  1. Can’t serve two masters at the same time in Maryland

Ideally, the catering service company will only handle your event on that scheduled day to make it truly unique. You can order exotic cuisines or wines from abroad which can be the highlight of your food stations.

This ability of the caterer to think on the fly can only come with long experience in handling weddings and other events. Be prepared also to spend at least 30% more than the initial price estimate so you have a comfortable buffer. All these need to be communicated at the outset so the caterer can give you a realistic quote for your wedding.


Find the best caterers in Maryland

Catering Authority is a platform where you can read up on reviews of each caterer near your location. It makes it that much easier to choose one caterer that is perfect for your needs. You will encounter words like “best service,” “cheapest price,” or “premier caterer in town.” The photos of the food are absolutely delectable, but this does not serve as a guarantee of the quality of their services. Naturally, they will make huge claims on their websites and social media pages.

Catering Authority has a list of all the credible and reputable companies in Maryland.  All the names that made it to the short list have already been screened and vetted by the site.

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