Cold brew coffee has captured the attention of many aficionados lately. It offers a cold beverage and a new way to enjoy the classic drink. Pair the drink with a nice coffee cake for breakfast each morning. That can make people newfound fans of the enjoyable drink every day. Host a breakfast with friends and talk about the cold brew method with them. Pour over coffee is becoming a renowned way to serve the brew itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold brew coffee is a unique idea that is attracting attention. Cold brew is easier to make than the traditional hot coffee option.
  • Serve the cold brew coffee with coffee cakes for guests. That could convert these guests into fans of cold brew.
  • Take the cold brew method to work and share with co-workers. That could make anyone the life of the office location.

“Personally, there’s nothing sweeter than a good deal, so I’ll continue to use my Brumi bottle as long as the weather necessitates a cold jump start to the day.”

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