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Quick and Easy Guide in Hiring a Durham, NC Caterer

When you are planning an event, there are things you can probably mess up and still have a successful party. You can forget a bouquet or two of flowers. But whatever you do, don’t ever make the mistake of serving bad food. If the caterer is any good, your problem is already half-solved. After paying for the vendor, whatever’s left of your budget can be adjusted accordingly. But you can’t sell your caterers in Durham, NC short. Before doing anything else, choosing a caterer should be at the top of your to-do-list. Just try to search for caterers near your location and you will see so many hits. Which among them should you choose? It’s much easier to sort through the list because you know each caterer is already screened and evaluated, so Catering Authority is your best choice. The online directory makes it easier to find the caterers near your area. We list the best catering services for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and all special occasions. We offer tips on how to choose the perfect caterer for your specific needs. You can just find somebody that matches your requirements for your corporate function, wedding or birthday party.  
  1. Mind the guest list for your event in Durham, NC
The guest list is the main building platform for the catering company. Bigger catering services will probably skip over your event if it’s just going to be for 30 people or so because the margin of profit is just not there. A boutique caterer thrives when there are only a few guests. They are more suited for intimate birthday gatherings or wedding events of around 20-30 people. You make arrangements for your birthday gathering or wedding event early so make sure you don’t also plan for the present.  
  1. Who talks to the catering service contractor in Durham, NC?
For corporate events with a guest list that runs into thousands, you will need a leader and extra staff to make sure everyone gets taken care of. Does the company have the resources to handle that requirement? Or do you have to do this yourself? For instance, will the caterer also take charge of the drinks or beverages in the event? Would that mean additional cover cost for the initial estimate? When you select an event planner, make sure they also handle the sampling of food. It’s also easier for the caterer to be dealing only with one lead person. If the food in your corporate convention is buffet style, a good ratio for the catering services should be one server for every 15 guests.  
  1. Organization in food and beverage can go a long way in a Durham, NC event
One way to put the caterers in a bad spot is if they brought along the wrong beverages. The ability of the caterers to follow instructions will go a long way to ensure a successful outcome. For big events, you need to hire a party planner who will team up with caterers to make sure everything will go smoothly. A good chunk of the responsibility will fall on your shoulders as well because you need to find out which type of food or drink the guests prefer. These should be explained clearly to the contractor.  
  1. How the location in Durham, NC can impact on the price
Another crucial ingredient for a perfect event is the location. Again, come up with your own short list of caterers, and call each one so they can explain how they will solve your dilemma. You want your drinks cold so they need access to freezers. However, some brides want to have a unique wedding and choose a location that is not readily accessible, which makes it difficult for caterers. Typically, the caterers will talk to the director of the hotel or convention center for an inspection and also discuss their particular requirements. This happens behind the scene so you don’t really have to know the details.  
  1. Do you want your Durham, NC event to be extra special?
Whatever you imagine your wedding to be in your head won’t be the same in reality. Something will always go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law after all. Do you want elaborate plating or decorations for the food? If you feel that the caterer only wants to fleece you for more money, don’t give them your business. It’s that simple, really. Make sure that you communicate to the caterer that you want their unfettered attention on the day of your wedding. You will want to know the track record of the catering service, and one way to know is if its past customers will also recommend its services to you.  

When choosing a caterer in Durham, NC cost should not be the determining factor

You don’t have to waste so much energy just to find the right caterer for you.  The more direct way is to go to online directories like Catering Authority. Choosing a caterer should be based on experience, professionalism, and creativity. Naturally, they will make huge claims on their websites and social media pages. Now if your price point is around $10,000 for your garden party, you can stick to that figure and the website will match you with the suitable suppliers in Durham, NC. It’s easier to choose because you can read up on the reviews and recommendations from the other customers.

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