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Quick and Easy Guide to Hiring a Jersey City Caterer

Google is a very useful tool when you need to find somebody who can host your birthday gathering or any other event. When you are planning an event, there are things you can probably mess up and still have a successful party. Immediate family members may probably forget if you chose the wrong caterer, even if some of them ended up with an empty plate in the process. You know how when you have so many choices of catering services—and each choice seems to be better than the last—that it’s very hard to decide? It’s the same with the unfiltered search engine like Google. You have to be careful in choosing your caterers in Jersey City. With Catering Authority, you get access to actual reviews of past customers as well as the top service providers. Enter Catering Authority is a platform that links up the customers with the right caterers. You can just find somebody that matches your requirements for your corporate function, wedding or birthday party.  
  1. Can the contractor handle the number of guests for your Jersey City event?
The size of your event will greatly impact the ability of the catering company to perform its task. Of course, this is fairly obvious. A boutique caterer thrives when there are only a few guests. They are more suited for intimate birthday gatherings or wedding events of around 20-30 people. You make arrangements for your birthday gathering or wedding event early so make sure you don’t also plan for the present. You need to create a budget that is enough to impress but not leave you bankrupt.
  1. Who talks to the catering service contractor in Jersey City?
For corporate events with a guest list that runs into thousands, you will need the a leader and extra staff to make sure everyone gets taken care of. How about if you want to hold the location in a hotel with its own waiting staff, can the caterer work well with other people not specifically chosen by them? For instance, will the caterer also take charge of the drinks or beverages in the event? Would that mean additional cover cost for the initial estimate? A wedding, no matter how big it is, can be considered simpler in the sense that you only deal with the bride. A corporate event, however, is another animal. You can help ensure catering services to go smoothly by helping avoid too many chefs from spoiling the broth, so to speak. The catering company will only deal with the point person in order to lessen the chances of miscommunication in the catering services.  
  1. What type of food or drinks should you serve in Jersey City?
Coming up with a menu that makes everyone happy is the job of the caterings. Your job, therefore, is to ensure that you get all bases covered. Also, some guests may need more than one bottle so the catering company should make for allowances. A good number of your guests may only drink beer or prefer only wine. They may only drink soda. Some of your guests could be purely vegans, some could be pescatarians, while others love their meat.  
  1. The venue could mean logistical challenges for caterers in Jersey City
Another crucial ingredient for a perfect event is the location. However, the good news is that there’s nothing out there that experienced caterers have not seen or handled yet. There may be special requests for the caterers from the bride. What do caterers need? They need a source of electrical power or running water, they need a lot of elbow room for the servers and possibly kitchen space.  
  1. What are your special requirements in Jersey City?
Now, if the expense is not an issue then you can certainly get the best chef to feed your guests. You can also go to town in terms of your demands and requirements. Don’t hesitate to ask for references just because you think the service provider will be insulted. You are talking about your event here that is close to your heart. All questions need to be sorted out during the initial meeting with the wedding caterer. Be prepared also to spend at least 30% more than the initial price estimate so you have a comfortable buffer. All these need to be communicated at the outset so the caterer can give you a realistic quote for your wedding.  

Choosing a Caterer in Jersey City is as Easy as 1 2 3

There are many elements in choosing the right caterer. A wrong choice can have serious repercussions in your event. The best thing about Catering Authority is that it already short-listed the companies in the Jersey City area, separating the wheat from the chaff. Catering Authority has a list of all the credible and reputable companies in Jersey City. Each name listed in the website has a corresponding review, along with customer recommendation, which only makes it easier for you to pick one. Find the right caterers near Jersey City for your needs. Just visit today.

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