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  The default setting for most people when hiring somebody is always going to be Google. But whatever you do, don’t ever make the mistake of serving bad food. You know how when you have so many choices of catering services—and each choice seems to be better than the last—that it’s very hard to decide? It’s the same with the unfiltered search engine like Google. Immediate family members may probably forget if you chose the wrong caterer, even if some of them ended up with an empty plate in the process. Regardless of how much you spent on the entire party, people will always remember the food and they will associate their impression of the wedding or corporate event with the taste of the food. If you are looking to find caterers in Scranton, PA who will feed your guests for your party, you should make a list and classify it according to your “wants” or “needs.” When you speak to companies offering catering services, you can refer to your list. The online directory makes it easier to find the caterers near your area. It’s much easier to sort through the list because you know each caterer is already screened and evaluated, so Catering Authority is your best choice. Make sure you follow the following guide before you choose the supplier for your birthday, wedding or corporate event.  
  1. Set a budget according to your guests in Scranton, PA, but be prepared to break
The size of your event will greatly impact the ability of the catering company to perform its task. Of course, this is fairly obvious. Do not just to come up with the budget; a firmed up guest list ensures that nobody goes home hungry. There may come a time when you need a contractor right away, especially if it’s an emergency. Make sure that you will never have to order takeout quickly in order to salvage a situation.  
  1. Who serves as the point person for your catering service in Scranton, PA?
So whether you are planning a corporate event or a simple family party, make sure the contractor will appoint one point person with the authority to make last-minute decisions. If three or more companies are shouldering the costs, the complexity of the negotiations would make the head of the caterer spin. Assigning a point person just makes sense because the supplier is not expected to talk to just about anybody from the company or family. For instance, will the caterer also take charge of the drinks or beverages in the event? Would that mean additional cover cost for the initial estimate? The corporate organizer needs to appoint somebody who will communicate directly with the service provider.  
  1. What type of food or drinks should you serve in Scranton, PA?
You are putting 100 or more people in the same room. They have individual tastes in food and drinks, and these preferences border on passion. For instance, you don’t invite vegetarians if you did not prepare food for them. An event may be more intimate, which allows family members and guests to give their food and beverage preferences to the catering team. You need to ask your guests and participants to specify their preference in the RSVP card so the caterer doesn’t have to guess. There are those who don’t partake of alcohol and only drink juice. The ability of the caterers to follow instructions will go a long way to ensure a successful outcome.  
  1. The Scranton, PA event location is crucial for caterers
The location can also pose a challenge for the caterer. Now, you really have to be prepared to go over your budget because the service provider will pass on to you the additional costs in bringing the tools and equipment to the location. For instance, what if there’s no clear power outlet? Or what if it’s too far off the beaten track that it makes it difficult for the caterers to bring the food to the event? Make sure the caterers know beforehand so they know if they are up for the challenge. Typically, the caterers will talk to the director of the hotel or convention center for an inspection and also discuss their particular requirements. This happens behind the scene so you don’t really have to know the details.  
  1. What’s the track record of the contractor to handle distinctive events in Scranton, PA?
If the catering service is any good, they should be able to provide you with a list of past customers whom you can call. That experience, however, will come at a cost. But don’t you think that perfection is worth paying extra for? All questions need to be sorted out during the initial meeting with the wedding caterer.  

Choosing your caterer in Scranton, PA the most efficient way

There are many elements in choosing the right caterer. A wrong choice can have serious repercussions in your event. The website already prepared the short list of names in Scranton, PA. With us, you are assured that those service providers that find themselves in the website have both the capacity and equipment so they won’t leave you hanging. Naturally, they will make huge claims on their websites and social media pages. Catering Authority provides a list of companies with the experience and tracks record to host an event in Scranton, PA. In order to find suitable caterers near Scranton, PA that have been shortlisted for their quality of service and track record, go to now.

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