Baked eggs are an easy way to use up things in your fridge and cook a lot for many people. Eggs lend themselves well to many items and baking is just perfect to make them crisp, fluffy and delicious. This recipe combines a greek style with eggs to make this frittata-like bake. You’ll still want to prep the veggies ahead of time and cook them in oil, but otherwise, they all go into the pan with eggs, milk, and cheese for a bit of a bake.

Key Takeaways:

  • A casserole egg is much like a frittata and easily done in the oven
  • You’ll need to saute the vegetables ahead of time to soften them before the bake
  • The best thing is you can make this ahead of time since it heats up well the second time around

“Spinach and feta make eggs even better with a fresh, salty, and creamy kick.”

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