This is a good dish for fall and winter. It is hardy and contains kale which is healthy. It is considered a superfood. It is one of the healthier greens you could choose. It is also a vegetarian dish so can be served to someone who doesn’t eat meat. The pasta, squash, and kale is a great flavor combination which any veggie lover would be happy with. It is also a great thing to eat on cold days.

Key Takeaways:

  • In Tuscany, recipes do not often call for winter squash other than to roast it for a side dish or to make it into a yummy soup.
  • A variety of squashes such as butternut and kabocha are used in the United States in a wide variety of dishes, including main courses.
  • Rigatoni with Winter Squash and Kale is a delicious pasta dish with hints of sweet and earthy flavors, making it the perfect fall meal.

“Even with its sweetness, the butternut squash still lends a hearty, filling element”

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