Most people probably haven’t heard of “bunny chow”. But it’s a delicious, creative dish that many are sure to love, and it’s starting to take the world by storm, showing up on restaurant menus across the globe as of late. The dish is simply a hollow loaf of bread which has been filled with curry in the style sold in Durban, South Africa. The dish has a long history, is cheap to make, and can be easily made at home, just by following the attached recipe.

Key Takeaways:

  • The long history of the Bunny Chow adds mystery and mystique to this great and convenient meal tucked into a nice bread.
  • The Bunny Chow is quickly gaining popularity in all parts of the world and continues to pick up steam as a favorite of many working and middle-class workers.
  • The very savory Durban curry is the primary ingredient in the meal and can easily be replicated thus making it a very popular meal idea for many people.

“And it’s the Durban curry, more than the traditional standard-issue white bread into which it’s ladled, that makes the bunny chow unique.”

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