The Great British Baking Show has recently aired it’s the latest episode featuring pies from the Tudor Era that Henry VIII would have loved. The task however, was time-consuming with a lot of waiting around the time that the contestants did not fill with playful banter or helpfulness, like in seasons past. The technical round included jumbled biscuits while the showstopper round required beautiful marzipan centerpieces. Despite some of the amazing creations, the show continues to be boring to watch.

Key Takeaways:

  • We definitely should be eating meat pies in America. Who doesn’t like meat in a pie!
  • King Richard111 loved a good “jumble cookie” the oldest mention of this cookie is attributed to his cook
  • Marzipan is like an edible, but expensive play-doh. You can mold it into different shapes.

“Important to note: baking meat pies means a lot of time just standing around doing nothing.”

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