Here are three ways to use your plastic bread ties in the kitchen you’ve probably never thought of. One way is to tape the clip pointing upward on the edge of your countertop and place your charger cord in it. This keeps the cord from falling when you unplug the device. A second way is to use them as a mini scraper to get things that are stuck on the counter off with ease. Lastly, you can use the bread ties as dressing labeling tags. Just write on one side and clip it onto the bottle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plastic bread tags seem to be a ubiquitous feature of kitchens. People collect them and may decide to throw them away.
  • But these plastic bread tags can keep the kitchen clean as needed. Use them for a number of creative roles in the kitchen setting.
  • Use the tags to scrape up gunk from the kitchen counter. They can also be labeled and added to homemade salad dressing.

“The plastic tags used to keep the baggies closed will be useful long after you’ve eaten that last slice of seedless rye.”

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