Summer is running to end, and that means we have less and less nice days to plan any kind of get together. If you are like most Americans than you enjoy backyard BBQ’s. If you are one of many or not, you need to read this article. This article provides five simply easy steps to plan the perfect back yard get together. So if you have never really enjoyed these backyard festivals you need to check out this article on tips to make the experience better.

Key Takeaways:

  • For summer beverages, rely on cocktails that lean on components that speak to the season, like watermelon and cucumber, basil and citrus.
  • Since summer fare is lighter and easier o the stomach, go for salads, seasonal vegetables, seafood and pasta.
  • Pairing grilled meats with salads that use a light acidic dressing, over vinaigrette, keeps the salads summery and works well with the char of the meats.

“Cook your main dish with the powers of a slow cooker for rich flavors and the wonderful ability to leave it unattended.”

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