Arby’s is a fast food chain specializing in sandwiches. They provide the finest quality meats at an affordable price. Forest and Leroy Raffel first opened Arby’s in Ohio when they realized most fast food joints were only selling hamburgers. They concentrated on the roast beef sandwich and quickly gained a local following. Today they are known for their roast turkey and swiss, Reuben, and roast turkey and ranch sandwiches. They are great for catering as they have a wide selection of sandwiches for everyone.

Interesting Facts:

  • Arby’s gives you the option to buy either boxed lunches or platters.
  • The roast beef must be bought as five pounds minimum for any catering event.
  • Buns and sides are in addition to any meat entrée you will buy from them.


“We believe that achieving positive results is the key to continued success for everyone.”

Arby’s Menu/Prices 

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