She wasn’t an athlete but loved baseball. Her entire family was involved in baseball in some way, she ran the snack stand. She was responsible for inventory and sales as a high school underclassman. The author did market research and made slight profit. Memories were made and lessons about business and clientele were learned along the way. After 2 summers, she knew it was time to move on and do something different so she could earn more money for college.

Key Takeaways:

  • Read the life story of a young woman who ran a baseball snack stand. Summer jobs have the potential to build character in surprising ways.
  • She remembers back to 1998 and what that year meant to her personally. It was a wild and event filled summer for the young woman.
  • Many people have similar stories throughout their lives as well. They can tell a unique story and get on their way soon.

“I set my prices based on my own market research, and brought home whatever profit I could.”

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