Boston Market provides low cost catering options to suit any budget. With sides starting at a low two dollars fifty per person, and meals beginning at less than ten per meal, you can mix and match to the flexibility and needs of your guests. Do not forget to get some deserts which can make a post chicken, ribs, or BBQ dinner complete with some delicious chocolate chips or brownies. There is even pie on the menu!

Interesting Facts:

  • Boston Market is a very popular restaurant and has locations across the country. The restaurant has been in the food business for over 30 years too.
  • Boston Market can provide catering services when they are needed most. Warm and friendly people will serve each dish to guests that want to try.
  • Boston Market has a diverse menu that people need to sample at an event. Catering could be the perfect opportunity to do just that in the long run.


“We like to get creative. Try our rotisserie turkey, potatoes, and new prime rib!”

Boston Market Catering Menu/Prices

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