Cosi Catering could be the right choice for any event in the future. They have an all new menu that people will want to consider. Cosi is an American fast food restaurant chain that offers a lot of variety. The restaurant chain currently has over 100 locations across the country. People know the Cosi restaurant name and have seen some important changes along the way. Plan out a special event that everyone will enjoy attending.

Interesting Facts:

  • Cosi is a regional chain based on a French-café model for its restaurants.
  • You can get boxed lunches, with either sandwich or salad as the main entrée.
  • They also give you options for baskets or platters as well as a full buffet line.


“At the center of every Cosi is a hearth, where our centuries-old flatbread recipe is made every 20 minutes.”

Cosi Catering Menu/Prices

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