This kale and bean salad is deliciously vegan and can be made ahead of time or eaten for lunch as leftovers. The kale is carefully prepared to make it an easy to eat and digest base for the salad. You can add your choice of bean and cook them yourself or used canned in a pinch. The Tahini dressing adds flavors of lemon and garlic and is deliciously vegan. You can finish with a little crunch adding some walnuts as a salad topper.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to a tender kale salad lies in its preparation–removing the ribs, chopping the leaves, and massaging them with salt and acid.
  • Using canned beans in a salad saves time and is easier than cooking them from scratch.
  • Kale-based salads can be made in advance and can last 2-3 days in the fridge.

“The base is perfectly prepped raw kale — see below to see how we turn tough to digest raw kale into a tender, delicious salad base. Next comes protein-packed and satisfying white beans — one of our favorite meatless ingredients. Last, but not least, we toss the whole salad in our dreamy tahini dressing and top with omega-3 rich walnuts.”

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