I would have never thought that there was so much history behind pigs in blankets. After reading this article I have a whole new outlook on the beginnings of this favored party dish. Betty Crocker the famed baker from the 1950’s first added her recipe for this dish in her 1957 book “Cookbook for Boys and Girls”. This became all the rave amongst parties in the 1960s little did many know that this dish was decades old, originating from the 19th century. Back then it stood for oysters wrapped in bacon. There have been many variations created since then as listed in the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hot dogs make the perfect “pig” thanks to their size and shape
  • Getting more creative you can move to smoked sausages like chorizo or even ground sausage.
  • Go crazy with the sauce thinking about the flavors you want and how they’ll be combined

“If the original blanket was bacon, your blanket can be anything.”

Read more: https://food52.com/blog/21447-make-these-blankets-pig-out-on-game-day

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