I am often asked for advice about picking produce. When it comes to corn, my first advice is not to shuck it at the store so as to be considerate of others. To start your inspection, pick it up and look for one that feels heavier because this will be juicier. Squeeze to make sure the firmness is even and examine for moldy or dry spots. Corn with tassels that are yellow, white or a very light brown is more recently picked and better than born with black or dark brown tassels. If you need to take a small look under the husk you can. Follow these steps to find the perfect corn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to pick the best corn from a trusted expert. He claims to always pick the best corn that is on display.
  • Check the tassels and the firmness of the corn cob itself. That will prevent customers from buying rotten corn on display.
  • Peel back the husk only slightly to take a peek inside. That could reveal some important information for the smart corn buyer in store.

“Juicy corn will feel heavier than it looks, while dry or wilted cobs will be lighter than they look.”

Read more: http://www.thekitchn.com/not-to-brag-but-i-always-pick-the-best-corn-heres-how-i-do-it-247207

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