Turkey is a leaner meat so using it for burgers is a great way to make them healthier. The avocado will add richness and moisture to this. Avocado is very healthy. It is fatty but contains the good fats your brain needs. This is a great take on a burger and is different. It’s not your average turkey burger. Those can be boring but this isn’t. Serve this and people who normally don’t like turkey burgers will still eat it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turkey avocado burgers are a crowd-pleasing item for sure. They are easy to make for the avid grill fanatic each weekend.
  • Prepare all ingredients ahead of time, including the ground turkey. Anticipate the number of guests who attend and prepare the ingredients.
  • Pile on more veggies to the turkey avocado burgers for guests. They might enjoy sliced tomato and red onion for their burgers.

“The key to any successful burger, regardless of the toppings, is the patty itself.”

Read more: http://www.thekitchn.com/turkey-avocado-burgers-246959

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