We should have a picnic. Everybody says it or hears its the summer season promises outdoor fun and recreation.But just as in the kitchen many people freeze up when it comes to menu planning. Also, picnics, formal or informal, tend to be meant to be a bit special. in this piece, there is are some suggestions and they seem meant to not stress the occasional chef. Food and beverage pairings are often more intimidating than needs be as we all think that it means being some sort of sommelier even when it is not a wine decision. simple but delightful handy food and beverages from beer, wine and both alcoholic and non-cocktails. Take it easy with these ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  • A picnic menu should have something for everyone as well as work together with whatever other foods or drinks you are planning to have.
  • There are a lot of different choices and appetizers or meals to choose between.
  • It’s best to try making the drink you are having work well with the dish that you chose to have.

“For guests craving something a little sweet and spicy, try including these delicious Mexican food truck favorites with a frozen berry margarita.”

Read more: http://www.tastycatering.com/seven-chicago-picnic-food-and-drink-pairings/

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