This article is targeted towards wedding caterers. According to the article, more couples want unique foods at their wedding that capture their personality as a couple and give their guests a memorable experience. Foods like savory tacos, Polynesian poke, seaweed vegetables, and vegetable yogurts are en vogue. The trend of having a personalized menu applies to cocktails as well with perfume cocktails being specifically mentioned as a way to emulate the perfume of the couple into a drink that the guests can enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s very important for wedding caterers to be up on what’s hot in food circles, as couples are opting away from traditional choices and going for more unique and fun themes in menus.
  • Ethnic, fun, rich-tasting and very convenient to make and eat, tacos continue to gain high marks among food enthusiasts.
  • Polynesian food, especially Hawaiian, raw fish salad, is making a splash on the wedding and food dishes.

“Vegetable yogurts are quickly gaining momentum on the certified foodie’s hit list.”

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