We may not all have the pleasure to work with caterer in a professional setting, but for those of you who are that lucky than you need to visit this article. For those of you that are interested in this space then this is also the perfect article. This article, well more of an instruction guide to working with a corporate caterer explores the dos and don’ts of that relationship. There is a simple set of questions everyone should ask, click the link to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Queries ensuring you’ve well-vetted your company caterer include, how long they’ve been active, how many functions they’ve catered, and can they ensure permits, if required.
  • For wedding functions, you may wish to ask if they’ve ever helped with decor selections, vendors, or event designs.
  • You’ll want to know if your intended number of guests and the food choices your opting for can work with your intended budget.

“After you finish asking the basic questions, you can go on to ask some food and preparation questions. Essentially, that’s the reason why you’d need a reputable company.”

Read more: http://www.cateringcc.com/corporate-caterer-2/

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