The use of paper bags beyond the normal paper bag for school lunches. They can be used to Ripen Fruit. Make homemade popcorn and save some cash, plus not overly buttery. Cleaning windows using wadded up paper bags for a less expensive solution. Wrap small gifts instead of buying wrapping paper. No snack dishes? Use paper bags at your next get together with friends. At the end of the night just throw them away for a quick clean up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brown paper bags can be useful for creative projects or housekeeping tasks.
  • Brown paper bags are an inexpensive way to serve, present, and store food.
  • Brown paper bags are easy to cook with and clean up or recycle later.

“If you need to speed up the ripening of, say, a peach or an avocado, stick ’em in a paper bag.”

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