Slurping your soup has long been thought to be bad manners. It is mentioned in books as something you shouldn’t do. We have also been teaching our children not to do it. We tell them it’s rude. Is it, though, or are there any reasons to do it? This issue is addressed here. Sipping might not be the best way to eat soup after all. Enjoying the food is also important. That needs to be considered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food scientists set out to discover if noisy consumption methods could actually affect tasting experience.
  • To get to the heart of their scientific inquiry, the research team conducted tests that saw participants testing three variables for optimum taste
  • The report notes that the difference in taste between the two consumption methods was “significant.” So noisy noodle eaters must actually be onto something.

“The findings show that although the participants tended to feel more self conscious while slurping, it actually strengthened the flavor of the soup!”

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