Chili is extremely versatile and can be made a number of different ways to suit your taste. At its base, chili includes veggies, spices, sauce, and toppings, along with any substantial protein. You’ll want to brown your meats, then add two to three veggies to soften. Next, add spices and the liquid to the chili so that it can simmer on the stove. A lot of people enjoy toppings such as sour cream, so lay those out for your eaters!

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with a simple base of what you want in there. It could range from beef and beans to chicken and sausage.
  • Pick a few veggies to go in it. Tomatoes are traditional, but you can add in chiles, corn and other peppers to taste
  • Spices and fixins are a must. Have enough kick for flavor and have the rest to make it that much more.

“In order to make a good pot of chili anyway you like it, what you really need is an understanding of the major components and how they work together.”

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