Butternut squash is in season and can be made into a number of soups and sauces but its firm nature can also be used in place of potato in many dishes. For a slightly sweet twist on hash browns, use butternut squash in this quick recipe. Combined with peppers and spice it makes a healthy change to the usual stir-fry. Use a mix of peppers. Red pepper will take advantage of the slight sweetness of the squash and serrano and green will add some savory.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try a vegan recipe for hash browns that anyone would enjoy. Butternut squash goes into a dish that will appeal to anyone.
  • It is also grain free, which could appeal to people with dietary restrictions. The end result is a popular vegan dish that anyone will want to try.
  • Colorful bell peppers and diced scallions could be added to the mix. That makes for a great tasting entree that needs to be tried by vegans.

“This is a colorful and scrumptious twist on hash browns. Butternut squash or any vibrant winter squash take the place of potatoes and are cooked with crisp, colorful bell peppers and fresh scallions.”

Read more: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/butternut-squash-hash-browns/

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