Combining pineapple with cilantro, the El Gallito cocktail is a perfect mix of fruity flavors with delicious herbs. The drink is completed by a cherry tomato on top to tie all the flavors together. An advantage of this unique drink is that it goes well with different alcohols. While tequila may be a good choice for a base, the drink will shine served with vodka as well. As a delightful bonus to this cocktail, the leftover fruit and vegetable pulp can easily be served as a salsa for a scrumptious snack while indulging.

Key Takeaways:

  • This delicious cocktail incorporates just the right number of cherry tomatoes to rein in the fruitiness without evoking a Bloody Mary.
  • A refreshing California cooler, this drink holds the line between sweet and savory nice and taut.
  • The delightful components of this drink work well with a vodka base, but can also come together equally well with a reposado tequila.

“This rare treasure, an umami-rich sweet/salty/smoky chipotle number from Matthew McKinley Campbell of Comal in Berkeley, California, and A Mano in San Francisco balances juicy pineapple with grassy, green cilantro.”

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