You have got to be kidding! Chocolate and avocado in the same bowl! It’s amazing and it works. For those of you that are somewhat lactose intolerant, have issues with celiac disease or maybe a need to balance your cholesterol level, this dessert is for you. Using a natural sweetener instead of plain old sugar is the way to go unless you’re a vegan. Combining avocado and chocolate makes the pudding extra creamy. There won’t be any leftovers, you can be sure of that.

Key Takeaways:

  • This chocolate avocado pudding is the best around because it is well-balanced and multidimensional.
  • Chocolate avocado puddings are suitable for all sorts of people because they adapt well to several dietary needs.
  • You can thicken the pudding using ripe banana or thin it using milk.

“This chocolate avocado pudding is as chocolatey and luscious as any other pudding, and it’s even richer-tasting, more unctuous, and even more chocolatey.”

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