KFC is a giant American fast-food chain. They are best known for making Harland Sander’s “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” KFC tightly guards the contents of the spice mix for the chicken, which is pressure fried. There are thousands of KFC all over the world where you can stop in for a quick, tasty lunch or dinner. KFC also does catering, with chicken and buffet platters ranging from $24.99 to $115.99. They can even cater on short notice! Side dishes, beverages and desserts are also available.

Interesting Facts:

  • KFC is a favorite among those needing catered meals and can even cater under pressure with little time.
  • KFC has many menu options for meals, sides, desserts, etc with varying pricing ranging up to $149.99.
  • KFC is the first fast food chain that expanded its restaurants internationally.


“Each fresh batch of the world’s best chicken starts with our cooks inspecting each individual piece.”

KFC Catering Menu/Prices

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