Moe’s restaurant offers a great economical choice of Mexican food for catering that can be mixed and matched to make a great experience for your guests. Famous for their Fajitas and Salad Bar choices, Moe’s offers dishes that are fresh and able to be customized. The catering Menu in particular offers your choice of bars and burritos, chips, drinks, and desserts. With more than 600 locations in the US, there is sure to be a chain near you!

Interesting Facts:

  • Moe’s catering offers customizable meals. Platter options are also served on casual events.
  • Catering orders can be placed online, by phone or in your local store.
  • The first Moe’s Southwest Grill opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000.


“Whether you’re hosting a party, business function, tailgate or even a wedding, Moe’s catering has you covered from head to toe, and especially the stomach. With a ton of warm, fresh and flavorful ingredients along with free chips and salsa, everyone can get exactly what they’re craving. “

Moe’s Catering Menu/Prices

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