Panda Express offers catering services. The company provides very competitive prices for catering services for your company or social function. Their food is quite good and enjoyed by most people. This restaurant can be used frequently to pick food and take home in the evenings. Your associates would enjoy this type of food instead of cold meat and cheese platters, pizza or donuts. This services can be tried for an upcoming company function.

Interesting Facts:

  • Panda Express offers Chinese and American cuisine and has more than 1500 locations.
  • Panda Express was the first to include both Szechuan and Mandarin food.
  • Panda Express offers a large variety of catering options for small crowds, office groups, or families.

“Ingredients are based upon standardized recipes. Variations in nutrition values may occur based upon regional and seasonal ingredient differences, packaging differences and menu items being individually hand served.”

Panda Express Catering Menu/Prices

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