An everyday cake is an amazing concept. Sure you can eat it daily, but the idea is it is your go-to cake that you can make at any time or day and still enjoy it. This recipe captures that concept to give you an easy, foolproof cake that you can easily doctor with flavors to make it into something more amazing. Want chocolate. Easy. How about the match? That goes in well as well. The possibilities are endless.

Key Takeaways:

  • This recipe is your everyday cake that whips up like a dream
  • You can easily incorporate any flavor you want into the base recipe.
  • Get creative and bring in orange or almond extract over vanilla

“One that you can whip up with ease, even on a Tuesday; one that you’d be proud to take to a dinner party; one that is low-key enough to eat for breakfast (yes, I said breakfast), yet special enough to present as a housewarming gift.”

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