Finding a great vegan dish can be tough, especially for dessert. You can’t cook the fruit and you can’t add anything else to make it that much extra, but this uses all those great things without the cooking or butter. Using coconut milk gives it richness for the ice cream, and the cocoa, dates, and almonds add texture and sweetness for the raw brownie. Combined together it makes a lovely dish for any meal, even those that aren’t vegan.

Key Takeaways:

  • This cake is completely raw and vegan, utilizing a mold to shape it
  • While there are no animal fats, the creamy coconut milk adds the mouth texture you look for in ice cream.
  • The brownie bases combine almonds, dates and cocoa powder to make the delicious cake.

“Why choose between fruity desserts, chocolatey desserts, and creamy desserts when you can have all THREE with this beautiful ice cream cake.”

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