This collection of recipes goes over some of the most requested and popular slow cooker recipes of 2017. They run the range from fajitas and soups, grains and even a recipe for slow cooker General Tso’s chicken. This is helping to show the versatility of the slow cooker and give people far more options than they thought they could have. The best thing is now you know it isn’t just a chili or shredded “meat” cooker after all.

Key Takeaways:

  • The recipes here are fun changes to the normal slow cooker recipes seen on the web
  • One of the most fun is slow cooker General Tso’s chicken, usually a recipe that is never touched by anyone but the most adventurous
  • There are other options including a peanut stew and grains that help round out the guide.

“From stew and chili to takeout favorites at home, these were our top slow cooker recipes of the year.”

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