Cowboy caviar is the perfect tailgating and party food. Cowboy caviar tastes best if it’s made ahead of time and it can keep in the refrigerator up to one week. What exactly is Cowboy Caviar? The best way to describe it is it’s an upgraded version of your standard bean salsa. It’s a combination of a black-eyed pea salad mixed in a light vinaigrette with spices and fresh, crisp vegetables. It’s typically served at room temperature with a side of tortilla chips or in a tortilla.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although I advocate the use of canned beans, somewhere along the way cooks began taking convenience too far, replacing the simple vinaigrette with bottled Italian dressing.
  • Using the store-bought dressing leaves the dip too oily, oddly sweet, and artificial tasting. In my mind, there’s no need to take that shortcut when with a few quick swipes of your knife and a whip.
  • you can have a dip that tastes fresh. I tuck cowboy caviar into scrambled egg breakfast burritos, toss it with cooked grains for lunch, serve it atop lettuce leaves for dinner

“Cowboy caviar is an easy party snack, but I mix up a batch every few weeks to keep in my fridge for an easy lunch or a quick snack.”

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