The article is about scalloped cabbage with a creamy Gruyère sauce and a tumble of sautéed mushrooms. Although cabbage is the main ingredient, a great deal of flavor is added by introducing a Gruyère and bacon. One may choose to add meat or not. Whatever one chooses, the flavor is still very desirable. One can also decide to use butter instead of bacon especially for those who do not like bacon fat in their sauce. Walnuts are a better addition if one so desires

Key Takeaways:

  • This dish is a good way to make cabbage a main course.
  • This is a baked dish, and will need to be served warm.
  • This dish takes significant preparation, and extra time may be needed by the novice.

“This is what happens when an old-fashioned country recipe called scalloped cabbage gets dolled up and heads into town for a dinner party.”

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