Italian wedding soup is one of those simple comfort foods you can make for a weekend meal or any night dish. It is simple and plain but still packs plenty of flavors. The uses a slightly bitter green known as escarole, to give it some color and add a little extra texture. Add that in with the meatballs and some parmesan cheese and you have a meal ready to go. Feel free to add some red pepper flake if you need a bite.

Key Takeaways:

  • This traditional recipe for Italian Wedding Soup is a family favorite and one which will become a staple around your table as well.
  • Rich and zesty meatballs are balanced by a subtle, flavorful broth, and bright greens round out this delicious soup.
  • Whether to add pasta or not is a matter of fierce debate – it’s up to you, and you can’t go wrong either way!

“The recipe was handed down to my mother, and adapted at each stop, from a man named Fran, whose daughter was my first babyhood friend.”

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