Red wine and chocolate go wonderfully together. The interplay and complexities of those deep rich flavors just make sense on your palate, adding sweetness, fruit flavors and complex umami like compounds that make you go crazy. Now you can combine the two into this delicious brownie recipe. It’s an involved process requiring you to melt butter, temper in chocolate and get everything together for around 40 minutes before you even bake it, but to have that wonderful combo ready to go is completely worth it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why separate the goodness of red wine and dark chocolate when you can have it all at the same time in this Red Wine Brownie recipe?
  • The trace and hint of bittersweet chocolate combined with brown sugar are to die for in this delicious brownie treat.
  • Looking for a perfect dessert for a perfect night with friends and family a Red Wine Brownie is highly recommended indeed.

“While putting wine in your brownies might seem like a gimmick, trust me when I say that these rich, fudgy brownies will not disappoint — they are absolutely the real deal.”

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