A viral meme has swept Britain. The meme shows the image of sixteen cups of tea arranged in four rows of four cups. Each cup is progressively lighter so that the cups mimic that of a Pantone Paint color guide. The meme originates with a Twitter user named @Yorkshireprobs and has sparked online debate about the proper color of a cup of tea. According to one Twitter user who has followed the debate, most Twitter users indicate that the proper cup of tea mostly resembles the cups in the middle hues of depicted teas that represent the proper ratio of tea to milk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a helpful tea color guide to decipher different strains. Twitter has picked up on the craze recently too.
  • Twitter users will follow the color guide when they drink tea. These colors can help people decipher the right tea for them.
  • Experienced tea drinkers know how to find the perfect cup. Get familiar and try out a new strain sometime new.

“Most agree that a cup of tea steeped for mere seconds isn’t tea at all—what, with its flavors drowned in dairy, flushing the tea leaves of any potency.”

Read more: https://food52.com/blog/20170-the-pantone-tea-color-guide-that-s-going-viral

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