Sheela Prakash makes the reader inquisitive about trying out her Uncle’s recipe in her article entitled: “The secrets of the best Irish Coffee, according to my Uncle Eddie.” She contends that the secret is his use of a specific type of sugar and Jameson’s Irish whiskey.
Her Uncle Eddie is extremely serious with his recipe and has a kit with the title “Eddie’s Irish Coffee Kit” which he guards jealously. She states that her Uncle’s methods are not complicated, in fact very simple, but he believes his own method produces superior results for he has become disappointed after tasting other Irish coffees.
The recipe consists of first pouring the Jameson Irish whiskey into a mug. That is important. Then a teaspoonful each of brown sugar and white sugar. Just a teaspoonful each. Then the hot coffee is added and later whipped cream.
The author believes that her Uncle is proud of his superior Irish coffee which really is simple.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s all about the sugars, using equal parts of white and brown sugar give this Irish coffee a rich molasses touch.
  • It’s all about the booze, Jameson is the preferred brand, smooth, spicy and easy on the wallet.
  • Lots of whipped cream to top it off make this Irish coffee a delight.

“From a flavor standpoint, it’s how he approaches the sugar that makes all the difference.”

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