As an alternative to a buffet line, our caterers can provide a variety of food stations for your party or special event. There are seven different chef-attended food stations to choose from.
The “Asian Station”, “Puff’s Patisserie”, “Charcuterie Presentation” (which features Cuban bread, cured meats and artisanal cheeses), “Paella Station”, “Crepe Cart” (made to order), “Risotto Station”, and “Blazing Donuts Station” (sauteed glazed doughnuts flambeed in brandy and served with coffee ice cream).

Key Takeaways:

  • Besides the showmanship and wow factor that these areas, where food is prepared a live offer, they also are a means for guests to get some customized service, specific to their taste.
  • A great way to customize breakfast, crepes made with selected fillings, such as Nutella, crushed nuts, pears, coconut cream, chocolate, and more.
  • For a hedonistic and highly memorable breakfast option, go with glazed donuts, sauteed in butter, flambéed with brandy and topped with coffee ice cream.

“Food stations, whether chef-attended or displayed creatively, are the perfect recipe to entice guests to get out of their seats, move around the room and socialize.”

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